Filmmaker Awards


2016 Winners

Feature Animated:


Birds of a Feather - Howie Kendall

Shopping Day - Liz Turnbull

Never Look Back - John Cohen

*Things Remembered - John Stacks, Rita Edmond

Country Kitchen - Susan Kemper

Camouflage - Fredrick Cologne

Dog Day Afternoon - Carlos Munoz

Cat Scratch Fever - Trent Landon

Candy Castle - Kimberly Koontz

Depp Space Exploration - Johnny Whittier




Feature Comedy:


3-Day Weekend - Steven Wright

Space Commander - Trent Fremd

Crowd Control - Mohamed Bamba

Classic Cars - John Campos

To Be Young Again - Leslie Sheerer

Work Related - Susan Lipman

**Get out of Dodge - Ken Kidman, Rich Skinner

Single White Male - Len Fishman

*Staycation  - Jenny Rice

Pretty Little Darlings - Cindy Krantz-Martinez




Feature Documentary:


Traceroute - Johannes Grenzfurthner

High Water Mark - Jennifer Bell

The Dark Times - Sabine Kuper-Busch, Thomas Busch

*The Binding of Yitzhak - Zafrir Kochanovsky & Nati Adler

Conclusive Evidence - Zafrir Kochanovsky & Nati Adler

The Illusionist - Kagan Olgunturk

The Last Mile - Scott Franks

Canyon Country - Michael Klosky

You Can Sea What’s Coming - Cindy Cromwell

Altitude - Fran Hopkins




Feature Drama/Action:


*Where is She Now? - John Henry Richardson

The Last Trip - Wayne Winterstein, Carlos Azucena

Godsalt - Mathew Bonta

Timothy Glen - John Fitzpatrcik

Back to Basics - Leonardo Belofonti

The Day before Yesterday - Glen Bordafeld

Think Before You Speak - Trinnia Buchanan

Sensible Shoes - Ruth Bloomfield

Apartment 47B - Frank Carlini

Calm Before the Storm - John Day, Richard Crandle




Feature Thriller/Horror:


The Broadcast - Karl Huber

Customer 152 - Jonathan Holbrook

*Land of Smiles - Bradley Stryker

The Dark Tapes - Michael McQuown

Shadowland - Trent Sandoval

Creature Comforts - Sidney Luckman

Graveyard Shift - Carlos Montegna

Be Careful What You Wish For - Ricky Ripkin

Batch 448 - Donny Canfield

Crazy 8’s - Sandra Lee, Dan King




Short - Animated:


*Karouma - Boubaker Boukhari

Another Day in Paradise - bellapropello

September Sketch Book - Ronnie Cramer

Agrinoui - Alexis Chaviaras

G.I. Hospital - Jonny Lewis

Happenis - Kathryn Weinner

The Slide - Kenneth Peters

Backup Singer - Tito Perez

Puppy Love - Sean Michaels

Tent City - Scott Fields




Short - Comedy:


*Marcos El Muerto - Nick Garrett

Blighters - Frederick Kelly

The Other Ripken - Tim Carr

A  Game of Chicken - Michael Hilf

Any Day Now - Albert Uria

Once Upon a Dream - Anthony Nion

This is How it Ends - Ashley Mosher

Jewish Blind Date - Anaelle Morf

Atomic Couple! - Rodrigo Espinosa

The Treasure Of Guska Cajiib Ah - Matthew Monelli



Short - Documentary:


A Love Letter to Long Beach:  Summer and Music - Graham Lovelis

*Amity - Sophie Lee

Princess - R. M. Moses

When Lightening Strikes Twice - Julie Selby

The Space Race - Gabriela Thur de Koos

The Voluntourist - Chloe Sanguinetti

Lake Effect - Mike Milford

Head Games - Dr. Sid Kushman

County Seat - Howard Smithe

Population Now - Stan Mancini




Short - Drama/Action:


O - July Allard

And So Do I - Jana Younes

The Last Picture - Willem Van Egmond

Actor/Writer - Brad Clapper

Umishu - Ken Yoshioka

Waiting For a Train - John Gillen

The Modern Man is Beat - Alex Merkin

4242 - Sara Eustaquio

Remnants - Al Plancher

Color My World - Connor Holmes




Short - Thriller/Horror:


You Use, You Lose - Faiguni Thakkar

Harmful Sensations - Jensen Rule Tierra

*An Entanglement - Dylan Sanford

Aunt Jean - Mike Sneed

The Girl in the Forest - Rohit Thakur

Rigor Mortis - Shadia Sepehrnia

Dark Matter - Peter Jackson, Steven Pult

Tunnel Vision - Misha Clarke

Boogey Woman - Kevin Conan

Yoga for Zombies - Scotty Tyler




Music Video:


At the End of the Line - Robert Kerr

Keoma/Black - Aviv Kosloff

*Tom and His Computer “Organ” - Martin Garde Abilgaard

Shannon - Peighton Tubre

Hiding - Roy Sherfan

Only Wanna Party - Brian Kohne and Raymond Rolak

Highway One - James H. Morris

Here's to the Sunrise - Jason Carpenter

Raise Hell - Emma Sydney Menzies

What's Up - Pascal Lemoine




Television Pilot:


Upstairs - Joseph Spadaro

*The Parallel Project - Barrett Gregory

My Mechanical Friend - Hollie Seidel

3rd Base - Kim Lewis

Easy Street - Timothy Schultz

Technical Issues - Rita Shenkman

Over the Border - Kelly Cavanagh-Chung

Cart Before the Horse - Penelope Lee

High Stakes - Richard Milburn

Danny Danger - Amy Li, Steven Li





Webseries - Comedy:


Single Rules - Millie Torchetti

Thoughts - Renessa Mahabeer

The Olly Brown Show - Allen Merritt

What’s My Intention - Joel Craig

Nerdvana - Tito Guillen

Welcome to the Theater Company - Kaihei Hase

**Doomsdate - Jeff Hadick

Not It - Desiree Abeyta

Cracked - Dan Mason

Doucheaholics - Sean McCarthy




Webseries - Drama:


The Eye of Horus - Aki Ikeno

I Killed Susan Blake - Brett Emanuel

Ride the Lightning:  Vengeance - Justin Lee

*Arthur - Alberto Meroni

Yoga Class - Cynthia Workman

Apartment Finder - Kelsey J. Chang

Worker Bees - Carlos Reyes

3 Flat - Scott Childress, Kim Perez

Uptown Girl - Johnny Perroni

Board Games - Marta Kushman

Overall Feature-Length Winner:     Get Out Of Dodge - Ken KIdman, Rich Skinner

Short Overall Winner:                        Doomsdate - Jeff Hadick


Congratulation to all of our Finalists and Catagorical Winners!  


We had so many great entries, our judgeds had a difficult time cutting the field down to 140 Finalists.  Thanks to all who entered!


Categorical Winners are Marked below in Orange...